Kyla - Riley Road July 2012
Mr Hilliard was very helpful throughout our stay at Riley Road. We had very few problems but if there was something that needed sorting he was very efficient and it got sorted quickly. Mr Hilliard takes good care of the property and it was an excellent student house to live in.
Kate - Ewhurst Road June 2012
This is an immaculately decorated and furnished house in an amazing student location in Brighton. Our landlord was always on hand and quick to respond if we had any problems. All the bedrooms are spacious with great furnishings such as double beds and lots of places for storage. The kitchen was brand new and the garden is a lovely area to sit in. Everyone that visited the house said it was the nicest student house they had ever seen! We are so sad to leave it!
Jamie - Ewhurst Road June 2012
Ewhurst Road is a beautiful five bedroom house which doesn't feel like student accommodation at all! The spacious kitchen has a large fridge and freezer and a good quality washing machine and cooker.The shower is great and the bathroom on the top floor is a bonus. I lived in the loft room and I loved it! Oh and the terrace garden is a great size, perfect for bbq's.Overall the house was lovely and the landlord was always helpful and easy to contact. I'm sad to leave such a nice house behind!
Kate - Ewhurst Road July 2012
All of the furnishings within the house were modern and in good condition. The house has been well maintained and it is clear that a lot of work has been put into making it a nice place to live. The kitchen is especially attractive with its modern look. The house has been made to feel homely and welcoming for those who live in it.
Emma - Ewhurst Road July 2012
We have been tenants in two different houses belonging to Brighton Student Homes during our University experience. Our first house was six bedrooms in Riley Road. It was spacious, well kept and modern. Any problems we had were addressed quickly and efficiently by the landlord Mr Hilliard. We enjoyed our house so much but unfortunately had to downsize, so in our third year we moved to one of Mr Hilliard's five bedroom properties in Ewhurst Road.Again if we had any problems they were quickly solved! I would highly recommend Brighton Student Homes properties as they all meet exceptional standards.

Sarah, Rebecca, Tina, Aqsa, Live – Gladstone Place January 2011
We have been very happy living in one of Mr Hilliard’s properties. He takes great care and pride in the house and is prompt to respond to any maintenance issues. His standards are high, and he expects the same respect for his property in return. We feel that the property is fairly priced and proves to be value for money compared to peers.

Michelle, Holly, Misha, Warren, Danielle, Callum – Ewhurst Road January 2011 
The building work and deco of the house is to a very high standard, considering it’s a student house. It’s very modern, spacious and value for money. Mr Hilliard is very professional as a landlord, and regularly does checks, in which if improvements need to be made or if there are problems they get sorted very quickly. We all feel very lucky to have got this house!

Laura – Riley Road January 2011
House hunting for the first time is a very daunting task, which means it is even more of a relief when, having found a nice house; you find that your landlord is as trustworthy and honest as Mr Hilliard. From the very beginning he plays it straight down the line, and goes through everything meticulously, so you always know exactly what you’re getting and what he expects as well. Our house is of an excellent standard, as were the other houses of his that we looked at, and with very few problems; moreover, if any difficulties do arise, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that Mr Hilliard will be quick to respond and, if necessary, act. All in all, you can feel very secure renting from Mr Hilliard, as you know that you will be treated fairly and with openness from start to finish.

David - August 2011- Hollingbury Road. Having visited my brother and sister at university and seeing the state of their accommodation, I was pleasantly surprised to discover such a high standard of house available for students. Mr Hilliard keeps his properties in very good condition and when we moved in, most of the furniture in the bedrooms looked new. the kitchen was also very clean and well equipped with everything that we needed for the year. I really enjoyed living in the house this year. thankyou very much Mr Hilliard.

Misha July 2011 - Ewhurst Road. We have had a great experience renting one of Mr Hilliard's houses, which was lovely and modern with decent sized bedrooms. They are professional and quick to respond to any problems we had, which were very minor overall. As our house was renovated over the summer, we were kept informed of the building work and he is very fair with rent. We felt we got brilliant value for money considering it was such a good quality student house. we felt very lucky to live in the house.


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